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My name is Kenaim. I create live visuals, videos, gifs, and more. This is some of my work.

  1. tomorrow night, wooden indian is having a cd release show at crescent in phx and im doing the visuals. i think we go on at 1030 or 11. ready to melt someones toupee glue


  2. Anonymous said: Do u have instagram?

    just now, kenaimx


  3. inpallesco said: hi :) I just wanted to ask what you animate your pic´s with? awesome work !

    hi, thanks for the compliment:) basically i use magic  


  4. surrealcinnamon said: I love to just listen to music like Throbbing Gristle and look at your art.

    Now Im listening to Throbbing gristle and dancing around my studio in cutoff sleeves. I genuinely appreciate the positivity you send my way surreal, thanks for being into it

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  6. . . i appreciate youre into what im doing but the next time you need my work, pls pay meimage

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  7. silk running out of me

  9. been raining all day, suns just coming out

  12. i beat mallquest. such a claustrophobic vibe. cool experience byzantium!