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  1. Anonymous said: digging your stuff esp. Kuwait it'd be sweet if u could play your visual show in kuwait

    I read this note at the perfect moment, thanks for the positivity. Excellent suggestion too, im definitely going to play Kuwait in Kuwait at some point in the future. Mishref represent

  2. were on, kind of sketching av

  3. Probably going to be live streaming in a while

  4. if you see anything of mine you think would make a cool thing to look at off screen, hmu. just looking for opinions

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  5. ive been working with a print shop down the street to make super small print runs. this week im going to test print some older pieces as well as a new, just for print, piece ive been painting for the past 2 weeks. im excited to see the detail on that one

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  6. lambertduchesne said: I love your work.

    thanks lambert! just checked your blog, def into the volume of work youre creating

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  13. adventureface​ and I and our friend ed are live av sketch streaming rn

    … It was more of a test to get all our gear to work, next time more

  15. adventureface and i played a show in LA a few days ago. If you were in the area, sorry i didnt have a chance to post anything about it… but it was really cool, you would have enjoyed it!