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My name is Kenaim. This is some of my work. I'm available for commissions & special projects & u

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  2. this is my eye movement rn. time to cushion those lids. night friends  

  8. im working on this musicvid with leokalyan. the video was already done by the time it came to me and leo asked if i could weird it up some. i spend time last week coloring it and the last few days melting it.

    ill post a few more compositions from those sessions in a sec…

  11. me on an eo1

  12. me on an electricobjects eo1

  13. well, im scrapping my day and focusing my attention on this


    Electric Objects - Artist in Residency Program

    The successfully-funded internet art display is offering ten paid places for artists to develop something unique for the platform:

    We’ve been really inspired by the response to the Kickstarter campaign from the artist community, and want to find a way to encourage experimentation with Electric Objects.

    EO1 might be an interesting combination of hardware and software, but it’s not much more than that without a strong community of artists and developers who see it as a compelling platform for creative expression, and a new way to connect with humans.

    So today we’re announcing the beta of our Artist in Residence program. This is an experiment, an exploration into the creative and distributive potential of a new platform.

    The purpose of this beta program is to encourage artists and developers to create work with EO1 in mind. Nothing that comes out of this program will be exclusive to EO1, we only ask that you consider it in your creative process, and think of it as a primary context for presentation.

    More Here + at the electricobjects Tumblr here

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